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Wow Quest Tracker Not Showing

If you are experiencing an issue where you can not see the quest markers, you should first check your Map UI settings. To do so, open your Map, go to the Filter section, and ensure Objectives is checked.

Wow Quest Tracker Not Showing

Your quest markers might also be turned off as part of your game settings. You can turn on quest markers in game by navigating to Settings, then selecting Interface. Under Heads-Up Display, select "ON" next to Quest Tracker and the Quest Giver Icons options to make quest markers visible in game.

This is probably a really noob question but my quest objectives are not showing in the mini map. I asked my guild and they said it was the quest poi on the mini map. Every other character I have played on shows the location of the npc or target on the mini map. All I am getting now is the location on the main map and the area on the mini map (with the blue outline) Please help!

This is an example, in Zangarmarsh doing the Bogslash quest. As you can see Bogslash the target is there but does not show the yellow dot that was there when I have previously played. Just really confusing as I have not changed any settings.

There's a thread on the official forums discussing minimap quest issues. One guy at least sounds like he's having the exact same problem - "I DO get the Big blob areas that tell me where to kill or collect stuff, but I DO NOT get the little blue circles that pinpoint exact objects or named mobs."

I get this myself (blue outlines on mini map quest areas and also arrow pointing me in direction of a quest NPC until it's on the mini map window but no yellow dot where they actually are), I end up switching back and forth between the main map to track things down. It seems intermittent though (and isn't because I don't have that particular quest as the main one tracked) and I've not figured out what's causing it. I have SexyMap and World Quest Tracker as add-ons so figured it was probably one of these (but haven't gotten around to disabling either to test), sounds like it might not be though if you get the same issue with the default UI.

After your character loads, you can select a region and zone. This will display all the quests that you have not completed in the zone, as well as show a map for the starting points of the quests. Clicking on the quest names will take you to the individual quest page.The Quest Completion uses data from the World of Warcraft Armory. Your character's information may not be accurate if your Armory hasn't been updated.

When it comes to quest tracking in WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King, the game is not especially helpful. Questie fixes all of that. It updates the in-game tooltips to keep better track of what you are doing presently.

You can also turn on automatic quest accepting and turning them, overlays, and so much more. Whether you are at level 68 or gearing up to fight Arthas, offering a number of helpful features to get you going and keep you on track in WoW Classic.

It also warns about things that might not be obvious, and automatically ticks through most of the quests and travel, as you do it. It is an overwhelmingly useful add-on for WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King, even if you are a seasoned player. 350c69d7ab


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